Over the past few decades, the world has experienced a period of unrivaled technological progress and unimaginable growth. Technology is no longer its own vertical, but rather a strategic requirement for all sectors and companies in the 21st century. By leveraging this new explosion of technology, all sectors from microbial research to space exploration have started to fundamentally reshape the way the world works and unlock new ways of solving some of the world’s most complex problems.

At Reimagined Ventures, we are convinced this rate of innovation and creative disruption is only set to accelerate further. In particular, we believe that the next generation of world-changing companies will come from a few thematic sectors which are pushing the limit of what was once thought possible.

We see immense opportunity and the potential for widespread positive change in six key areas.

  1. BioTech + HealthTech

  2. Energy Transition + Sustainability

  3. AgTech + FoodTech

  4. Blockchain + DeFi

  5. FinTech + Digital Data

  6. Sports + Gaming

We believe that catalyzing these six areas of opportunity are three macro-trends currently underway which will fundamentally affect and alter every aspect of our lives going forward.

1. The BioTech + HealthTech revolution

Humanity suffered for thousands of years at the hands of preventable diseases before Penicillin was discovered—by accident—in 1928. Less than a century later, during the height of the global Covid-19 pandemic, the world’s biotech and genetic innovators developed an effective vaccine from scratch in under nine months.

In 1990, the first human genome began to be sequenced. It took 13 years and cost $2.7 billion.

Today, genetic sequencing and RNA/DNA technology can sequence an individual’s genome for less than $1000 in under 24 hours.

The pace and scope of biotech and genetics development has been nothing short of a miracle over the past 20 years, and we are only just now beginning to apply these revolutionary breakthroughs in powerful new ways, positively impacting billions of lives in the process.

Reimagined Ventures has positioned itself at the forefront of this new era of biotech, and invests in the innovations that will disrupt the $11.9 trillion global healthcare market. We have a multi-year history of backing some of the most powerful healthtech and biotech innovators of the past decade and have deployed capital to over 25 different ventures in the space.

Revolutionary and exciting technology such as CRISPR, personalized medicine, advanced therapeutics and novel technological diagnostics all represent incredible opportunities in the coming years, and Reimagined Ventures will be at the forefront of these critical discoveries. We continue to believe that biotech will play an increasingly important role in changing the 21st century for the better.

2. The paradigm shift in energy transition + sustainability

By many accounts, the modern era of technological and economic development was started by the Industrial Revolution of the 1800s. That transition originated from the appearance of new and powerful forms of energy, such as oil and coal. Since then, the world’s total energy output has grown dramatically; however, our energy needs as a civilization have risen to even greater heights. All the while, these primarily carbon-based energy sources that were once considered revolutionary have now come to jeopardize the very societies they helped build through destructive and dangerous climate change.

With global energy requirements expected to increase 50% by 2050 alone, and an increasingly dire climate crisis negatively impacting all aspects of our lives, humanity is at its most important inflection point yet. Thankfully, the world’s brightest minds and innovative inventors have taken up the call to arms, and are creating a vast and incredible array of technologies that can help fight—and even reverse —climate change while promoting a sustainable future.

New advancements in renewable energy projects using solar, wind and hydro, smart energy storage and distribution, sustainable agriculture and ecosystem preservation and limitless clean energy via fusion are all no longer hypotheticals but reality. Companies specializing in these areas will power the world towards a brighter, greener future, and Reimagined maintains itself at the forefront of this wave of progress. We constantly seek out world-altering opportunities in the green energy transition and sustainability spaces and invest in industry-leading projects that work to make the world a better place each and every day.

3. The era of democratization + decentralization

Via the smartphone in your pocket, you have access to more computing power in the palm of your hand than which launched the first manned mission to the moon by a factor of several million. Coupled with the advent of the internet, wireless 5G connectivity, and a vast array of software products and applications, more power and information has never been so widely accessible to individuals anywhere across the globe.

People no longer need to interact with a centralized “middle man” in countless industries, which historically contributed to increased frictional costs that ultimately are borne by the consumer. Now, individuals have the power and the freedom to interact directly with one another, at faster speeds and lower costs than ever before.

Technologies like distributed ledgers and blockchains give users the power of the entire financial system at their fingertips. Platforms like online retailers offer unmatched selection of products from a variety of creators and at a fraction of the cost. Applications like digital content providers offer consumers services personalized to their needs on-demand and in any location.

All of these innovations combine to represent the accelerating shift towards democratizing, decentralizing and personalizing the key products and services people use in their daily lives.

We are in a period of major transition. New technologies are emerging every day to make life safer, easier and more enjoyable. As the pace of the world continues to accelerate, Reimagined Ventures is poised to be a part of rethinking—and rewriting—what’s possible, now and into the future.

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